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Reliability characteristics of power plants

MARTÍNEK, Z., HROMÁDKA, A., HAMMERBAUER, J. Reliability characteristics of power plants. Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2017, roč. 15, č. 1, s. 37-45. ISSN: 1336-1376
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Reliability characteristics of power plants
Rok vydání: 2017
Autoři: Doc. Ing. Zbyněk Martínek CSc. , Ing. Aleš Hromádka , Doc. Ing. Jiří Hammerbauer Ph.D. ,
Abstrakt EN: This paper describes the phenomenon of reliability of power plants. It gives an explanation of the terms connected with this topic as their proper understanding is important for understanding the relations and equations which model the possible real situations. The reliability phenomenon is analysed using both the exponential distribution and the Weibull distribution. The results of our analysis are specific equations giving information about the characteristics of the power plants, the mean time of operations and the probability of failure-free operation. Equations solved for the Weibull distribution respect the failures as well as the actual operating hours. Thanks to our results, we are able to create a model of dynamic reliability for prediction of future states. It can be useful for improving the current situation of the unit as well as for creating the optimal plan of maintenance and thus have an impact on the overall economics of the operation of these power plants.
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